Full Style Potential LLC (FSP) was based on a vision placed in my heart by God and a very inspiring trigger event. After many years of providing requested fashion advice and watching a series of reality makeover shows, I was inspired to not join the bandwagon but lead the pack! One night, I woke up out of a deep sleep and started mapping out an entire business plan in my Kate Spade planner.

FSP is an institute that will work with individuals to address wardrobe guidelines, closet clearing and personal shopping opportunities. Another service offered is a mentorship program that helps young adults develop their inner beauty - as well as refine necessary etiquette needs to transition them into the real world. As a result, our clients will be educated on how surface beauty can only reach its fullest potential when inner beauty is recognized and achieved

Overall, I wanted to create a company that was based on Christian values that could be translated for ALL to understand and simply emphasize that God has created us all in His perfect image!.



W A R D R O B E   C O N S U L T A T I O N 

FSP Phase 1.png

Phase IFree Consultation

Outline: To discuss overall goals and expectations of entire experience.

FSP Phase 2.png

Phase II: Full Wardrobe Assessment

$90/Hour (Minimum 4 Hour Span)

Outline: To audit entire wardrobe which will determine what key pieces are needed to create optimized capsules.

Next Steps: Shopping Experience


Post Phase (Long Term):

Wardrobe Refresher - Wardrobe Assessment for new season + Shopping Experience.

$90/Hour (Minimum 6 Hour Span - Inclusive of both the assessment and shopping experience)

Next Steps: Continue Wardrobe Refresher

Phase III: Shopping Experience

$90/Hour (Minimum 2 Hour Span)

Outline: Purchase necessary pieces that will fill the "need-gap" in wardrobe.

*Please note, the client must be present during first shopping experience.

Next Steps: Continue Wardrobe Refresher on a seasonal bases. 


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